Below, are a few selected highlights from over the past year.

Spring 2024 - Magazine Cover Photo

I was truly honored to have one of my Manassas Battlefield photos chosen for the cover photo of "Hallowed Ground", the nationally circulated and award winning quarterly magazine of the American Battlefield Trust.

December 2023

This is my first time seeing and capturing two Red-Shouldered Hawks together like this.

This male and female pair were perched up high on the far bank of the Rappahannock river at the fall line in Fredericksburg, Va.

It was a real treat to be able to see, photograph and share this special moment.

November 2023

On a slow quiet late autumn afternoon, I was driving through the National Battlefield Park for Fredericksburg and by chance came upon this stark but beautifully still scene. The light was just right and the leading lines naturally took me to where I needed to be.

November 2023

On this particular morning I was out very early walking the streets of downtown historic Fredericksburg, Va. looking for photo opportunities. I turned a corner and was thrilled to see the dawn colors coming together behind a portion of the skyline.

October 2023

One of my favorite moments in 2023 was on Monday, October 30th at 6:30am.

The conditions were perfect for one of the challenges I enjoy the most right now as a photographer, which is trying to capture those unique landscape moments on historically important ground.

On this particular morning I was on the Spotsylvania Battlefield looking over a portion of the Bloody Angle, where some of fiercest fighting of the Civil War took place in May of 1864.

The fog that morning was some the heaviest I have ever seen out there and I was the only one on the field.

It was awesome.

Below is a short compilation video of some of my favorite photos from 2023

Summer 2023

I was truly honored to have one of my Slaughter Pen Farm battlefield photos chosen for a two page spread in the middle of the Summer edition of "Hallowed Ground", the nationally circulated, award winning quarterly magazine of the American Battlefield Trust.

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